Restoration of an Art Deco Rocking Chair

I have just finished restoration of this fantastic piece. I have never seen a an Art Deco Rocker like this – it looks like a giant egg! After stripping old polish back to the oak frame I re-glued the joints which were a bit wobbly before re-polishing. New seat was needed so I made a squab cushion of hessian and ginger fibre – it will be not only very comfortable , but also keep the shape really well. Once the back was re-built using horse hair I needed to choose the fabric and the colours. I like my chairs to be not only beautiful but also comfortable. What better than Harris Tweed! I decided to go for classic Art Deco shades – red , yellow and black. The chair will be photographed in the next few days and added for sale to our Collection.


Art Deco Rocking Chair